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Lista de code snippets do wordPress

02/08/2013 WordPress (0) comentário

Galera achei muito importante esta compartilhando essas funcionalidades aqui espero que sirva para vocês também como serviu pra me.

Author bio excerpt

Check if sidebar has widgets

Get the first link in post

Truncate Post Title – Updated

Pagination for Twitter Bootstrap

Nav Menu for Twitter Bootstrap

Override WordPress and Site URL

Display custom taxonomy tags outside the loop

Add contextual help tabs on any admin page

Add custom image sizes to media insert dialog

Set Featured Image automatically

Remove WordPress logo from admin bar

Exclude posts with certain tag from loop

Hide Toolbar When There’s an Error

Remove Login Shake

Remove wp-caption inline style width in WordPress 3.4 and up

Checks if the visitor is from mobile device

Force direct update

Load jQuery in footer

Simple HTML in widget title

Get parent page ID if exists

.htaccess Gzip Compression

Truncate Post Title

Theme Specific Conditional

Include All Post Types in Search

Only show admin bar to administrators

Schedule cron jobs with WordPress

Change ‘Enter Title Here’ Text For Custom Post Type

Show number of queries and page load time

Disable plugin updates

Automatically Set the Featured Image

Keep WordPress from Compressing JPGs

Extend search to include custom post meta

QR code with article link

List all categories with posts

Only show the authors posts in the edit list

Redirect user after login

Github Gist Shortcode

Add Links to WordPress 3.3 New Toolbar

Get depth of current page

Limit excerpt words

Hide posts in the “uncategorized” category

Replace “Howdy” in WordPress 3.3+ Admin Bar

Set permalink settings from functions.php

Different admin and theme languages

Exclude a custom post type from search

Add ancestor class to single posts

Add Post Class if Post has thumbnail

Comment Count Shortcode

Change Default From Address

Show widget area only if it exists

Rearrange category order

Gravatar as Favicon

Restrict user access

Get Featured Image Source

Limit Search Results to Specific Post Types

Add Additional Image Sizes

Extend WordPress visual editor

Detect iPhone users

Remove theme editor submenu

Exclude category from homepage

Disable all comments

Functions to Fetch Custom Field Values

Add post formats support

Custom column for post type

Hide ‘screen options’ tab

Check if post has more than one image attached

Display twitter followers count

Add custom post type to feed

Define widget area in post or page

Visual Editor CSS

Check PHP version

Get parent page name

Pagination without plugin

Delete posts from the Admin bar

Post views without plugin

Add meta boxes

Pull in the tags related to a category

Custom Admin CSS

Absolute Parent of Any Child Page

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